Two of a Perfect Trio Tour & Progressive Voices

20 09 2011

The Adrian Belew Power Trio and Tony Levin’s Stick Men made sure there was no roof left atop Atlanta’s Variety Theater on Monday night as the groups started a double-bill tour that saw them merge in the third and final set into a double trio that ate King Crimson material at every meal.

It was a pleasure to be there. My ears have nearly recovered. Thanks to both bands and thanks also to the Variety, which isn’t the prettiest venue in town but it’s wonderfully managed and the acoustics are terrific.

I wrote a quick review for DGMLive and you can read it here. Thanks to Sid Smith, the site’s moderator, for posting it.

By the way, Sid Smith has a pretty great site himself and it’s right here. Out There readers unfamiliar with Postcards From the Yellow Room should eyeball it frequently.

Tony Levin, shown above mesmerizing Atlanta with the Chapman Stick, is blogging the tour. If you want to see want the audience looked like from the stage, and follow the rest of the tour dates, go here.

And speaking of great sites, Out There is hosted also by Progressive Voices, a 1-stop shop for all things progressive. Get the app here and immerse yourself.